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Published Product: Phoenix Pays

During my time at Wymac Gaming Solutions, I worked on Phoenix Pays : Jade Sorcerer and led the development of it's sister project, Phoenix Pays : King Khan.

For this project I handled the ideation and implementation of a system to dynamically recreate an intended 150 full-screen mp3 files to drastically optimize the game.

I worked closely with senior and team leads to understand the requirements and limitations of our hardware to develop a particle system with various modes of flexibility and a bezier curve generator to dynamically recreate all 150 at runtime, drastically increasing performance and memory. This code, due to it's flexibility, was then used to also replace previous effects in the game.

Additionally, I worked on pushing the sister game of Jade Sorcerer, King Khan, through it's full pipeline of development from branching from the main, replacing and upgrading various features, keeping parity in check between the two, and acting as the liaison between art, design, math and programming for the project.

Below you can see the mock-up and proof of concept that was pitched for solving the issue of 150 unique movies.

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